Indian Society for Sheep and Goat

Production and Utilization



I. Conference/Seminars/Symposia/Conventions held in the previous years

The society has so far organised following seminar/symposia/workshop/interaction meetings at national and regional levels.

1. Seminar on Sheep and Goat Production and Utilization. Jaipur 11-14 April, 1981
2. Second National Seminar on Meat Production and Utilization from Sheep and Goat. 12-14 June, 1982 at Dhule, Maharashtra. Dhule, Maharashtra. 12-14 June, 1982
3. National Seminar on Carpet Wool production and Utilization CSWRI Bikaner Oct 24-26. 1983
4. National Seminar on Small Ruminant Production. CSWRI, Avikanagar 5-7 Jan.,1987
5. National Seminar on Sheep and Goat Diseases. CSWRI, Avikanagar. September, 19- 21, 1988
6. National Seminar on Sheep and Goat Nutrition and Pasture Utilization. CSWRI, Avikanagar 30-12-1989 to 01-01-1990
7. First National Seminar on Small Ruminant Reproduction CSWRI, Avikanagar 10- 12 January, 1991
8. National Seminar on Animal Fibre Production and Utilization. Bikaner December 13-14. 1994
9. III National Seminar on Sheep and Goat Production and Utilization. Avikanagar 08-10 ,April
10. A Workshop on Integrated Angora Rabbit Development Project KVK Bajaura (Kullu. H.P.) April 18-19.1997.
11. III National Seminar on Small Ruminant Diseases CIRG, Makhdoom 02-03,Dec., 1997
12. Golden Jubilee Seminar on Sheep. Goat and Rabbit Production and Utilization Jaipur April 24- 26, 1998
13. National Seminar on Carpet Wool Production and Marketing: Present Status and Future Perspectives. College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences RAU, Bikaner March 19. 1999
14. IV National Seminar on Scope and Strategies for enhancing meat production from small ruminants and rabbits in new Millennium Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. 9- 11 November, 2001
15. Vth National Seminar. On Strength, challenges and opportunities in Small Ruminant Diseases in new Millennium Jaipur, Rajasthan 30-31 Dec, 2002
16. Interaction Seminar “Meat Production and Export Potential: Impact of Globalisation and Quality concept” CIRG, Makhdoom 17th Sept., 2003
17. Interaction Seminar on “Sheep migration in Rajasthan.” is being organised jointly by Central Sheep Wool Research Institute, Avikanagar and Central Wool Development Board, Jodhpur Avikanagar 31st May,2003 to 1st June,2003
18. Interactive meeting of Karnataka sheep breeders and wool product manufacturers in collaboration with CSWRI and others at Sheep Development Corporation Banglore 20th July,2003
19. Interaction Seminar “Meat Production and Export Potential: Impact of Globalisation and Quality concept.” CIRG, Makhdoom. 17th Sept. 2003
20. Interactive Meeting on “Sheep Production and Wool Utilization” Kodaikanal 9th January, 2004
21. National Seminar on “Opportunities and Challenges in Nutrition and Feeding Management of Sheep, Goat and Rabbits for Sustainable production” CSWRI Avikanagar 10-12 Feb. 2004
22. One day seminar on status and prospectus of woollen felt and Namda industry. Jaipur 19th August,2004
23. National seminar on Angora rabbit wool and cashmere production and utilization Manali, H.P. 25-26th September,2004
24. ‘Interactive meet on sustainable sheep production in Uttranchal ‘ Hill campus, Ranichauri 13-14 June, 2005
25. National Seminar on Conservation, processing and utilization of monsoon herbage for augmenting animal production. ARC Bikaner 17 to 18h December 2005.
26. National Seminar on “Commercial Goat and Sheep Farming and Marketing: Farmer- Industry-Researcher Interface” CIRG, Makhdoom 4 –5 March 2006
27. One day interactive meet on “Present status and future prospective of sheep.goat and rabbit production in eastern region” Bhuneshwar,Orissa 28th June,2006
28. National Seminar on “Innovations and recent advances in reproduction for augmenting small ruminant production” CSWRI, Avikanagar Dec 28-30,2006
29. National Seminar on Emerging Diseases of Small Ruminants and their Containment under WTO Regime. CIRG, Makhdoom (UP) February, 3-5,2007
30. One Day Interactive Meet on Sheep Production for Meat & Wool and its Utilization in the Plains of Southern Region of India. Indian Institute of Handloom Technology, Thillai Nagar, Salem (TN) May 22, 2007
31. An interactive meeting on “Challenges in specialty fibres (Pashmina and Angora) production & prospects & their utilization” Bhuttico, Kullu (HP) 13.07.2009
32. National Seminar on “Stress Management in Small Ruminant Production and Product Processing” Jaipur 29-31 January, 2010
33. National Seminar on “Prospects and Retrospect of Small Ruminant and Rabbit Production“ Jaipur 7-7 December 2011
34. National Seminar on “Future challenges and opportunities to improve health and production of small ruminants” CIRG Makhdoom Dec 22-13, 2013
35. National on "Sheep and Goat Biodiversity and Breeding Policies-Issues and Perspective" Krantisinh Nana Patil College of Veterinary Science, Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University, Shirwal, Pune (Maharashtra) February 21-22, 2014.
36. National Seminar on “Prospects and Challenges in Small Ruminant Production in India” Sheep Breeding Research Station, Sandynallah, Ooty, Tämilnadu. Dec 11-12, 2014.
37. One day Interactive meet on “Strategies for improvement in quality and quantity meat production from small ruminant rearing system” Avikanagar 28.11.2015.
38. One day National Workshop on “Conservation of Native Breeds of Small Animals in Odisha” Bhubneswar 28/12/2016
39. National Seminar on “Improvement of Small ruminant production system for livelihood security” Avikanagar on March, 9-10th, 2017.